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My name is Christine, and I am a theater director, choreographer, educator, and proud member of SDC. NYC has been my home base for the last nineteen years, but you can currently find me farther upstate in Rochester, NY where I am the new Program Director of Musical Theatre at Nazareth College.

Throughout my career I have had the great fortune of working with amazing mentors and creative partners. Jerry Mitchell, Diane Paulus, Karole Armitage, Jack Cummings, III, among others, have taken me under their wing and had a profound impact on my work. I am continuously grateful for the experience I have amassed as an assistant and love sharing what I have learned with the next generation.

I’m particularly fond of developing fresh takes on musical theatre favorites. My goal is for each production to answer the vital questions, "why me?" and "why now?" while honoring the tradition from which it grew. I love working as a director|choreographer, but sometimes team up with a fellow director so I can focus on Musical Staging or Choreography. I am best known for the cinematic way I make bodies--and furniture--dance about the stage, and love having the time to capture a story's essence so we can  propel the narrative forward without delay. Along the way, I’ve been nominated for some awards, and have even won a few!

Increasingly, I find myself drawn to shepherding new material. I was instrumental in the development of RIYT's The Outcast of Sherwood Forest, which won NETC's Moss Hart Award in 2015, and have had a hand in developing A Girl Named Bernie, Chaining Zero, Sing, Bibi, Sing!, and Polkadots: The Cool Kids Musical, to name a few. I am committed to this development work both on-campus, with Naz's Page to Stage Initiative, as well as off. Later this year, I am launching the premiere tour of Pete the Cat's Big Hollywood Adventure with TheatreWorks USA.

​I have a BS in Communications from Boston University and a MFA in Theatre (Directing Concentration) from Arizona State University. In recent years I have trained with Theatrical Intimacy Education and IDC Professionals, and am beginning to work as an Intimacy Director as well. I look forward to coming to your neck of the woods soon!



I am continuously inspired by  the magic that happens when I have a seed of an idea that a stage manager augments, a designer refines and an actor actualizes.


I like to elevate crowd scenes by developing intricate travel patterns  and | or  "musical-izing"  pedestrian gestures to evoke tranquility, panic, heartbreak,  or even just a good-looking hustle bustle. 

GOOD 'OLE "5678"

Everyone loves a good dance break, but I am a fiend for researching how to make my choreography decade and locale specific, while still furthering the story.


Whether you need a tango with two men or the pivotal waltz in  The Glass Menagerie, I will  adapt traditional ballroom styles to tell the right story for any production.


I am particularly drawn to puppetry that shows the audience its "strings" and creates an interesting relationship between puppet and puppeteer.