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THE OUTCAST OF               Director | Choreographer           Rhode Island SHERWOOD FOREST                                                                        Youth Theatre

Winner of the New England Theatre Conference's 2015 Moss Hart Memorial Award!
Minstrel 2_edited.jpg
Flashback 2_edited.jpg
Robin Destiny 2_edited.jpg
Rag Taggers.jpg
Rag Tag button_edited.jpg
Not in Nottingham.jpg
Marion's Epic Tale_edited.jpg
Roin Marion John Cooper_edited.jpg
Waiting button_edited.jpg
At this altitude.jpg
Mother's Touch_edited.jpg
Flashback 3_edited.jpg
With my Bow in Hand.jpg
So we put them on our quilt_edited.jpg
Host to Make You Laugh_edited.jpg
Lucinda's snort.jpg
Robin Destiny_edited.jpg
Destiny button_edited.jpg
We'll Rob from the RIch.jpg
May Pole.jpg
Robin Marion May Day Games.jpg
Lift her Up in the Air_edited.jpg
Lift her up in the air 2.jpg
Bridge Toll_edited.jpg
Friar Tuck_edited.jpg
Ladies in Waiting at the Games_edited.jpg
Robin Archery contest_edited.jpg
Gothica w bow_edited.jpg
Arrow Through My Heart 2_edited.jpg
Prince John and Guard_edited.jpg
Spears at Robin_edited.jpg
at my feet lies the hero.jpg
Swordfight 2_edited.jpg
Robin and Marion rescued_edited.jpg
final image_edited.jpg

Developed by:

Rhode Island Youth Theatre


Book & Concept:

Mitchell Cardone


Music & Lyrics:

Catie Flynn, Patrick McCrossan, Ethan Miller, Christine Roberts, Jeffrey Roberts, Brian Roque, and Lilli Wosk with Nancy Hillner, Lauryn DeCrescenzo, Brooke Fennell and Harry Valentine

Scenic & Properties Design: Tyler M. Perry

Costume Design: Kristina Sneshkoff

Lighting Design: Adam Ramsey


Photos: Matt O'Grady of

All Event Videography

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